Namco Mobile Regions:

The ultimate cat-and-mouse chase returns in the mobile version of the arcade classic MAPPY by Namco. You are Mappy the Mouse of the Micro Police. Boss Goro and his kooky kitty kohorts are looting the museum! Jump on the trampolines and recollect the booty from the museum''s numerous floors. Slam the doors and blast the feline foes away with a burst of sound. Join the Micro Police: "To Serve and Collect".

Tips and Hints:
Collect the treasures and avoid the cats by moving right and left. Jump on the trampolines to get to the other floors. Slam the door on the cats or slam the glowing door to shoot a blasting sound wave.

Check the Compatible Devices list to make sure your device is compatible this game. Or download the demo prior to purchase.

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